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Get started


Currently, running Denizen requires cloning the source repository locally. Once Deno supports asset references or something analogous, you will be able to run Denizen with a single command (and hopefully, one day, no commands).

Use Git to clone the repository:

git clone https://codeberg.org/dz4k/denizen && cd denizen

Run on Deno Deploy

Use `deployctl`:

deno task deploy

Run with Deno CLI

You can run Denizen locally on your computer or on a server you own with the following command:

deno task run


Opening your Denizen site (e.g. clean-fox-95.deno.dev or http://localhost:8000) will show the initial setup interface. Fill out your name (or the name of your site), the site URL if you own a domain (e.g. https://my-cool-site.example), and set a password for the admin interface. After you click Get started, you will be redirected to your site's homepage.


If you are logged out of the admin account, go to http://<your Denizen site>/.denizen/login to log in.

Create your first post

Click + New Post at the bottom of the home page to create your first post. (This button will only show up if you are logged in). The post title and tags ar optional. You can add more fields (e.g. a summary or photo) using the buttons below. Click Post to post.

Customize your profile

Click Console at the bottom of the home page to go to the site settings. (This button will only show up if you are logged in). You can edit your profile and bio and add social links. You can also change your site URL (e.g. if you just bought a domain name).